Citrine Beaded Bracelet


Citrine is a fire element stone and an Aries and Leo Birthstone. It resonates with The Third eye, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root chakras. Citrine is a master of one’s creativity center, which houses some of our strongest manifestative energies.

This area has been known to be the key to not only unlocking our personal will but to also unlocking our truest desires. When one is truly looking for a change or a spark of imagination, Citrines energy has no bounds. Grasping this stone each day and letting the universe hear your goals will amplify its energies tenfold. It’s not just about thinking, or wanting, but rather focusing and doing. When Citrine brings our root chakra into play, it allows us to bring our truest desires to life. Change is something that we are all seeking, but not all of us are truly ready to work towards it.

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