Lodalite Beaded bracelet


Lodalite – also known as shamanic dream stone. This is a stone of self mastery and truth. It is an earth element stone that resonates with the crown, heart and earth star chakras. It has a grounding and expanding energy that allows you to connect to the ancient waysof the ones who have come before us. It connects you to sacred sites across the world with its time traveling ability. It is a stone for walking your truth and bringing back out dated traditions of connection to our world. It is a stone for practicing and living in harmony with yourself as a part of nature. It is said to ground and centre you, assisting with healing illness and any patterns you may have inherited or picked up collectively, that are not yours. It can be used for meditation and will naturally enforce boundaries of protection around you. 

6mm Polished Beads

Strung with highest quality elastic

Size – Circumference 18cm

Availability: 1000 件庫存

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