Stainless Steel and Leather Amber Bracelet


Amber is an earth element resin of warmth and light and resonates with the solar plexus and Cancer / Leo birth signs. When worn regularly it will attune you to the energy of your inner fire and the starlight of the sun.

Please note the chain is not included with this piece.

It can ease stomach upsets, fevers and provide vital healing for life-threatening conditions. It has the ability to draw out infection from the body and strengthen the immune system.

It is formed within Coniferous trees that are millions of years old, Amber is known as ‘solidified sunlight’ as it carries the energy of photosynthesis and the plant’s life force preserved within it. It is beneficial to have in the winter months, for anyone who suffers from  seasonal affective disorder, it can lift your mood and help motivate you.

It has anti-inflammatory properties and can help manage arthritis and joint /muscle aches. It is very effective for babies that are teething and works to calm and center hyperactive children, showering them in a bubble of love and protection.

It is a wonderful mothering stone to connect you to your maternal lineage and all of the wisdom your ancestors can offer you. It’s light frequency makes it a wonderful remedy for grief, it helps your body restore itself and bounce back from shock and trauma.

For those who may feel they have given up at times, Amber will restore your faith in yourself and your body’s ability to recover. Just like Amber, we are made from light, and it will remind you of your worth to heal every day. 

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