Strawberry Quartz Beaded Bracelet


Strawberry Quartz is an air element stone, and a Capricorn / Leo birthstone. It resonates with all chakras.It is a stone of Joy. Strawberry quartz can help harness the loving energy of the universe, make you feel calm and open your mind to receive loving energy.

Strawberry quartz not has only the energy of clear quartz it has an additional vibration which boosts your ability to feel love and empathy with the universe, providing you with the energy and courage you need to recognise and seize opportunities. It reminds us to reward ourselves for accomplishments, no matter how large or small. Take time to savor and appreciate what you have achieved.If your daily life is feeling stagnant and dull, then this stone helps you recognize the simple pleasures that used to make you happy.By using this type of quartz you may feel yourself being soothed and calmed, especially if youre suffering from any stress or anxiety concerning love or friendship.

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