Tourmaline in Quartz beaded Bracelet


Black tourmaline in quartz resonates with the root chakra. It is an earth element stone for protection and grounding. It helps with anxiety and encourages you to slow down and take control of your life. Its aim is to help you find comfort and safety within your body, releasing fears that are outdated and keep you disempowered. This process gently releases trauma from your energy field. It protects you from people that you may find draining and keeps you centred in your own space. The quartz energy brings clarity and lightness into your being and will amplify the healing power of the black tourmaline. It is a wonderful stone for the home, and busy environments such as classrooms, offices and shared spaces as it acts as a shelter against harmful electromagnetic frequencies from technology. 

6mm Polished Beads

Strung with highest quality elastic

Size – Circumference 8cm

Availability: 1000 件庫存

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