Turquoise 4mm Faceted Beaded Bracelet


Turquoise is a Storm element stone and a Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces birthstone. It resonates with the throat chakra. It is a stone of wholeness, manifestation and expansion. Turquoise promotes spiritual attunement and enhances communication with the physical and spiritual worlds. It’s a purification stone. It dispels negative energy and clears electromagnetic smog, providing protection against pollutants in the environment. Emotionally, it stabilises mood swings and bring inner calm.Anyone looking for higher knowledge and wisdom should work with a piece of Turquoise, as it will rapidly benefit you on your spiritual journey.

4mm Polished faceted Beads

Strung with highest quality elastic

Size – Circumference 8cm

Availability: 1000 件庫存

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